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Choosing the Right Threads for Your Rug

February 27th, 2019 Noel-Rugs(1)

Choosing the Right Threads for Your Rug


Thread material is a huge factor in the quality of a rug, and it is important to choose the right threads when out to find the perfect rug. Rugs are often the centerpiece of a living space. They might be the inspiration for the design of an entire room, a subtle background element offering just the right gradient and texture, or simply a neutral foundation offering a crisp backdrop for a kaleidoscope of imaginative furniture pieces. From bold geometric patterns to traditional designs and everything between, today’s rug makers offer an array of options from which to choose.


Today we’ll explore materials used in quality luxury rugs: wool vs. silk and a wool/silk blend. The material used to create a rug can influence its price, durability, appeal and quality.

Wool rugs typically feature 100 to 300 knots per square inch. A strong material, wool holds up very well to foot traffic and stains. It usually has a more subtle, flatter appearance than its shiny silk counterpart. Wool is easily sourced, and the most commonly used material in oriental hand-woven rugs.

Silk rugs come in a wide range of designs. Their dense, fine material supports intricate, delicate designs. Most silk rugs have 300 to 600 knots per square inch. You can even find them with as many as 1000 per inch! The extra work required to create one of these masterpieces and the cost of the raw material explain the higher price – three to four times the price of a wool rug. Being more delicate than wool, they are often used as wall hangings rather than being placed on the floor.


The wool/silk blend features the beauty of silk, with the strength and durability of a wool rug. Still more expensive than wool, it’s not as pricey as a 100% silk rug.

Let Noel Home: Luxury Living help you explore your options. With accurate information about materials and construction and your own impeccable taste, you’re sure to find just the right rug for your living space … one that really ties the room together!