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Crypton® Performance Fabric: Upholstery for Everyday Life

May 15th, 2019 Crypton Featured Image

Our topic today is something you should definitely consider before you purchase your next piece of furniture: Crypton Performance Fabric.

Imagine this scenario… You’ve just brought home an amazing, luxurious, on-trend sofa to complete your newly redesigned living room. It’s the perfect color, structure and size to complement your carefully crafted new space. Your first week with your new piece is pure bliss.

And then…the kiddo drops a marker on it…or you splash a drop of red wine…or Fido has an accident.

Your precious new piece is destroyed. What a nightmare.

Lucky for you, one little slip doesn’t have to spell disaster for your furniture. Noël Home has the solution – Crypton Performance Fabric.

Crypton Home Fabrics offer phenomenal protection from stains, repels liquid spills, is odor resistant, and stands up to rigorous wear. The durability of this performance product is unmatched. Part fabric. Part magic.

Check out this video to see just how easy Crypton Home fabrics are to clean

At Noël Home, we feature Kravet and Fabricut fabrics, which both incorporate Crypton Home Fabric in their lines as well as American Leather with their fabric options.

Crypton Row
Plan a visit to the Noël Home showroom today and let our expert staff show you some of the great products that feature Crypton Performance Fabrics.

So, bring on the pets! Drink that glass of red wine without fear! Go ahead and do your art project on the couch, kids! Noël Home and Crypton Home fabrics have you covered.