Lee Danforth

Lee Danforth

With a background in architecture and 30 years of experience, I have the ability to guide my clients and bring their vision to life.

Lee began his career in architecture, but the Interior Design Industry proved more satisfying. With over 30 years of experience, his design portfolio spans both residential and commercial projects. He has designed and worked on projects across the country, including large ranches in Texas, gracious vacation retreats in Montana, and sophisticated high-rise residences. The diverse environment in Houston has helped in refining his skills and has been a catalyst in developing lively, livable, and practical environments that are a creative reflection of the cultures and clientele they are designed for.

Lee does not have one specific element that he would call his favorite, but feels that the first architectural element that you see in the space sets the tone for the environment that needs to be created. Whether your space has a touch of European décor or the clean-lined sophistication of a contemporary space, Lee enjoys the challenge, but the rewards even more. Lee enjoys the personal interaction that he has with each client and having the opportunity to make such a profound impact on someone’s life, along with creating extended relationships that have spanned decades.

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