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Spotlight on the John-Richard Collection at Nöel Home

June 29th, 2020 John Richard Spotlight

John-Richard Collection was established in 1980 as an offshoot of a large retail furniture operation in the Mississippi Delta. What began as a five-person team housed in a 10,000-foot warehouse grew into an internationally recognized design powerhouse with a world-wide footprint.

Global inspiration drawn from history, culture, and exotic materials and finishes drives John-Richard’s design. This unique collection features distinctive furniture, artisan-crafted accessories, unique lighting, mirrors, wall art and botanicals. Their elite team of award-winning designers and renowned artists integrates innovation, craftsmanship and groundbreaking design to create aesthetically stunning and luxurious home furnishings.

The John-Richard Collection available at Nöel Home features striking accessories, distinctive lighting and innovative cabinet furniture. Take some time to explore this elegant, upscale design collection here.

John-Richard Collection Accessories

Eye-catching home accessories from the John-Richard are characterized by design excellence and creativity.

John-Richard Collection accessories

John-Richard Collection lamps

John-Richard Collection Lighting

Sophisticated lighting fixtures from John-Richard deliver sparkling illumination to any room. Alluring, hand-crafted pieces offer a glamorous touch.John-Richard Collection chandeliersJohn-Richard Collection lighting

John-Richard Collection Cabinet Furniture

Every piece of John Richard cabinet furniture offers a high-impact, aesthetic complement to the space that contains it.

John-Richard Collection cabinets

John Richards Collection cabinet furniture

Elevate the Elegance of Your Home with Stunning Pieces from John-Richard

Let the experts at Nöel Home help bring the stylish and distinctive design of John-Richard into your home. Schedule a private consultation with one of our talented designers or drop by our showroom today and explore the collection yourself.