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Vendor Spotlight – Caracole Furniture

May 20th, 2022 Caracole

Noel Home is your Houston headquarters for Caracole Furniture’s inspiring line of high-style bedroom, dining room and living room furniture!

Made right here in the United States, Caracole Furniture differentiates itself by using unique materials and creating individual pieces rather than collections. They reject the idea that particular pieces belong in particular rooms and instead create distinctive furniture that brings any space to life.

Look closely and you might discover a hidden electronic charging station or other innovative feature tucked away in their multi-functional and practical, yet luxurious pieces.

Caracole is certainly fashion forward, but there’s an authenticity about the designs that is decidedly old world. It’s in the special nuances, the clever attention to detail and the amazing feeling that you’ve bought a piece of art rather than a piece of furniture. The handles on the pieces are jewel like in their design; drawers open to reveal a damask lining; intricate lattice work adorns some items. It’s these surprising details that speak to both excellence and personality.

From classic to modern, everything made by Caracole reflects exceptional style and leaves a lasting impression.

Looking for inspiration? Check out these pieces you can find in our showroom today.

viewing pleasure
pinstripe king bed
contour sofa
classic elegance chairs
get party started table
pierre table

If you love this look, be sure to check out the Caracole Furniture pieces currently featured on Clearance. They’ll move fast, so don’t wait!

Are you ready to take your home in a new direction with Caracole Furniture? Why not let our talented designers guide you to just the right piece?

Drop by the showroom today to explore our collection of Caracole Furniture. Or call 713-874-5200, or click below to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our interior design experts!